Book Review – Food For A Happy Gut – Naomi Devlin

‘I love working with Naomi. She’s a force of nature and her brilliant books have the power to change lives’ – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Bestselling author of River Cottage Gluten Free, Naomi Devlin’s second book, Food for a Happy Gut, is full of recipes that will ease your digestion, relieve your gut and relish your taste buds. Giulia Enders’ Gut, Michael Mosley’s The Clever Guts Diet and the work of Tim Spector among others has enabled us to understand how important gut health is to our body, brain and mental health.

A gut-friendly diet does not mean the elimination of favourite foods or hard-to-follow diets. Nutritionist and River Cottage teacher, Naomi Devlin will show you how to keep your gut content.

Move over clean food, this book will take you back to homegrown produce, good home cooking and a pleasingly diverse range of ingredients. Naomi will help you turn your gut into a hub of microbial assortment with lots of plant food, a huge range of meats and fats, plenty of raw cheese, slow-cooking, fermented foods and prebiotic and probiotic foods.

First ease your gut. If your gut is delicate, the first section is full of low FODMAP ingredients, seafood, broths and probiotics to alleviate your digestion. Then nurture your gut with beneficial foods full of fibre, pre and probiotics. Finally there are herbs, pickles and teas full of healing assets to invigorate and regulate digestion when you need a little extra help.

Naomi’s recipes are based on good sense and proper science. Food for a Happy Gut is full of delectable, healthy recipes and advice and will feed both your taste buds and your microbes, leaving you content both inside and out.

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