Book Review – Life on Earth – Sir David Attenborough

“It does not disappoint. The new Life on Earth is as glorious as the first”– The Guardian

David Attenborough’s remarkable meeting with gorillas became an iconic moment for millions of television viewers. Life on Earth, the series and associated book, vitally changed the way we view and interact with the natural world setting a new benchmark of quality, influencing a generation of nature lovers.

Told through an inspection of animal and plant life, this is an incredible celebration of the evolution of life on earth, with a cast of characters drawn from the whole range of beings that have ever lived on this planet. Attenborough’s observant, dynamic approach to the evolution of millions of species of living organisms takes the reader on a memorable journey of discovery from the very first spark of life to the blue and green phenomenon we know of today.

To rejoice the 40th anniversary of the book’s first publication, David Attenborough re-entered Life on Earth, entirely updating and adding to the original text, taking account of the newest scientific discoveries from around the globe. This paperback edition also contains more than 60 full colour photographs, chosen by the author to help illuminate the book in a much greater way than was probable forty years ago.

“I can’t really think of any flaws with Life on Earth. The scale of the kind of story it wants to tell us truly impressive.” – L.W (Amazon Reviewer)

This updated edition provides a timely tribute to an enduring wildlife classic, destined to captivate the generation who saw it when first published and bring it to life for a whole new generation.

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Received 5 stars out of 5 in Waterstones

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