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Having recently made the switch from synthetic antiperspirant to deodorants that are based on more natural ingredients, I wanted to share the reasons for my change of heart.

Like many people I’d been using antiperspirants for a long time because they are easy to find and they are cheap! But having researched the subject I realised they were not the best thing for my body, and actually I didn’t always find them as effective as they claim to be!

One issue with antiperspirants is that they do just what they say on the tin…they stop you from sweating. However hard we all try to deny it, your body is supposed to sweat! It’s a very natural process that helps to control our body temperature and rid it of toxins. Blocking the pores of your skin with an antiperspirant to stop this process cause a buildup of these toxins under the skin.

Another issue with antiperspirants is that they often contain aluminum, a chemical linked with a number of diseases, including breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. All chemicals, of the right molecular size have the ability to be absorbed into the bloodstream and it only takes a matter of seconds for this process to occur. This scary thought was a big motivator in persuading me to explore the alternatives.

Choosing the right natural deodorant for you isn’t as easy as you might think. No two people are the same so no two deodorants work the same for each person, its trial and error to find the one that works best for you. Three deodorants I’ve tried and liked so far are by Puremess, The Natural Deodorant Company (even my teenage sons have enjoyed using that one) and Norwex. Don’t give up on a natural deodorant after the first day. It might take your body a few days or more to get used to a new product and there may be a buildup of toxins just below the skin that will need to work their way out of your body first.

Of course there are many other products on the market but primarily the chemical you are looking to avoid is aluminum, though I’d also add to that list parabens as they can cause skin irritations.

And after all of that did you know that sweat doesn’t actually smell! When sweat comes into contact with the bacteria on our skin it causes that foul odour and the yellow stains on your clothes! Polyester, acrylic and other synthetic materials can trap moisture in causing bacteria to grow on and resulting in that smell! Opt instead for a natural fibre, such as cotton, hemp or silk that allows your skin to breathe normally.  

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