Book Review – My Box-Shaped Heart – Rachael Lucas

‘A romantic and life-affirming story which trials social issues and left me feeling totally motivated.’ – Cathy Bramley

My Box-Shaped Heart is an intriguing story of an unlikely friendship from Rachael Lucas, author of The State of Grace.

Holly’s mum is a hoarder, and she is fed up with being picked on at school for being different, having the wrong clothes and sticking out. All she wants is to be unseen. She loves her swimming, because in the water everyone is the same.

‘So vivid that the characters stick with you long after the last page. Each character was wholly true to life, the scenarios so easily distinguishable. Not afraid to touch on tough subjects – but done in a way that merged them naturally into the story.’ – Waterstones Reviewer

Ed goes to the swimming pool because the entirety of his life has changed. In his old life he had money; was on the swimming team; knew who he was and what he wanted.

Holly’s swimming one direction and Ed’s swimming the other. As their universes collide they find a doorway into each other’s lives – and learn how to meet in the middle.

Available online and in book stores

Recieved 4.5 stars out of 5 in Waterstones

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