Book Review – The Challenge – Tom Hoyle

‘The central characters are intriguing, and there is a genuine air of mystery!’ – Amazon Reviewer

The Challenge is a riveting adventure thriller about an internet game gone wrong.

Ben’s been grief-stricken for his best friend, Will, who abruptly vanishes from their village a year ago. But when twins Sam and Jack begin at the school, things start to look better. Slick, good-looking and popular, they introduce Ben to their world and show him to The Challenge.

What first seems to be a fun online game rapidly turns sinister as Ben’s tasks grow harsher and more treacherous, starting to raise questions over the disappearance of Will. But once you’re involved with The Challenge, it may prove hard to get out…

Hoyle has a knack for bringing his readers to the edge of their seat and he shows his mastery of tension perfectly. There was this intimidating tone throughout the book that slowly built to the intense finale.

‘I read this book in one night, it was so good i couldn’t put it down. I genuinely recommend his books to anyone who’s interested in mystery.’ – Goodreads Reviewer

The plot intrigues you right from the moment you read the blurb on the back. It takes a while for the plot to truly take off, but once it does, the book is scattered with action and drama to keep readers engaged.

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