Brightening up the High Street

The shoppers returning to Cranleigh High Street will have a brighter view this Spring now that the “decorate a bollard” initiative has got under way. Four bollards have been painted so far with designs which reflect local themes, with a further eight ready to go.

This initiative is funded by Welcome Back to the High Street through the Parish Council, with the support of Liz Townsend, our Waverley Borough councillor. Cranleigh Arts invited submissions for designs and is managing the project. Out of many entries sent in pre-covid twelve were chosen and are now being painted on the bollards by local artists, turning these functional pieces of street furniture into colourful and intriguing pieces of community art.

Inspired by a similar project in Winchester, the community’s designs are painted by local artists, commissioned by Cranleigh Arts, onto the bollards, which are prepared beforehand by Men in Sheds. Shoppers at the Artisan Market in March could watch them at work, despite the chilly winds. (pictured) As the transformed bollards take over the High Street, hopefully they will inspire and entertain the shoppers!

The artists participating are: Kathy Plank, Rachael Nicholson and Corinne Manches. If you are an artist and would like a commission to paint a bollard, join the team by contacting Marilyn at:

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