Cranleigh Fairtrade Event 2017

Cranleigh acquired Fairtrade Village Status over 5 years ago and the steering group are again preparing to renew this prestigious status.

One of the many requirements to maintain the status is to hold events supporting Fairtrade. On Saturday 22nd October a Fairtrade musical evening was organised by Sue Knight with help from St Nicolas Church to include a Fairtrade meal and the sale of Traidcraft/Fairtrade goods. Over £1113 was raised to support a school in South Africa.

It was a highly successful and enjoyable evening during which a petition was circulated and signed by in excess of 100 villagers. The petition was initiated because Sainsbury has changed its position regarding Fairtrade goods. Instead of the funding being given directly to the poor farmers in the third world, Sainsbury’s own version of ‘Fairtrade’ involves a middle-man to whom the farmers have to apply for the premium and justify on what it is to be spent.

This is in total contrast to the original concept of Fairtrade which was that the funds should be provided directly to the producing farmers to assist them in working their way out of their poverty.

This petition is part of a National Campaign taking place throughout Britain and is justifiably gaining momentum.

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