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When Cranleigh-resident Paul Lynch faced redundancy as a pharmaceutical company marketing director earlier this year, he immediately started to plan to search for a new job opportunity. At the time, Paul realised his CV was out of date and in need of rejuvenation, along with his interview skills. He quickly realised that finding a new job these days requires savvy with social media platforms such as Linked-In. While there is a certain amount of excitement associated with looking for new opportunities, it can also be a pretty lonely and, at times, a depressing experience.

This all got Paul thinking; what if he could get together with other people in the same predicament and share experiences and pass on hints and tips to make this process more manageable and as short as possible? Paul initially created a group on and was surprised by the very positive response from all corners of our community. He has received offers from several people with vast experience in human resources and career development to help run some practical workshops on CV compilation, interview skills and modern networking techniques. So with the help of funding provided by Waverley Borough Council, Paul set up the Cranleigh Job Club.

Meetings of the Job Club are held every two weeks on a Tuesday morning between 10:00 and 12:00 in a super meeting room at Rowleys Community Centre in Cranleigh.

Get in touch with Paul on this email address: if you are looking for a new opportunity and want some help or advice.

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