Cranleigh Village Hospital – Update from its League of Friends

If you’ve lived in Cranleigh just for a few months, you will already know that it’s a special place, but the focus today is on one special jewel in Cranleigh – 0ur Village Hospital!

Located opposite the Arts Centre, Cranleigh Village Hospital is part of the Royal Surrey NHS Trust, and houses modern medical equipment for expert treatments providing also a great local venue to see consultants.

The League of Friends of Cranleigh Village Hospital ensure that it remains very much part of the local community through the donations they receive. It’s there to support the Hospital and provides extra funds for the wider NHS too.

The facts and figures for the Hospital and the League of Friends are impressive-

  • The Hospital presently offers:
  • 10 regular consultant clinics ranging from ENT to Melanoma
  • 8 Nurse Specialist Clinics ranging from
  • Parkinsons to Prostrate
  • 4 further clinics including blood tests and podiatry
  • A large physiotherapy department
  • X-ray and ultra-sound
  • A brand new Maternity hub

And how did the League of Friends help? There are so many contributions – here’s a few …

  • £400,000 towards the new Radiology
  • Department in 2019
  • £89,932 for an Ultrasound Scanner in 2014
  • £37,000 for the new Maternity Hub in 2021.
  • £10,076 for a bladder scanner for Waverley Community Nurses in 2023
  • Donated nine defibrillators for the village, including one in Ewhurst
  • And in 2021, £2,978 for an orthopaedic saw! – don’t worry it’s not for limbs – just to cut the plaster after breakages!

Although the Hospital itself has no beds, the League of Friends supports Phyllis Tuckwell – Hospice Care at Home – with a grant of £30,000 each year for End-of-Life care.

And it supports us all with a donation of approximately £10,000 each year to Cranleigh Medical Practice – for extra equipment to enhance facilities in the practice.

Those are amazing commitments and together, the Hospital and the League of Friends are set to continue the long tradition of supporting the old and young, well and sick, in our community for years to come.

You can find out more and donate at any time to the League of Friends via the website

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