Farlington Prep School trip to Winchester Science Centre

The Farlington Prep 4 Trip to the Winchester Science Centre was a great success. The girls started the morning with Dr Phil, who began with the premise that ‘Science is Boring’. However, he went on to prove that that was definitely not the case!


The girls all learned how the digestive system worked and the importance of energy within our bodies. Practical activities included drawing around themselves and making a chart of the body’s digestive system, learning about acid and alkaline juices in the body and the way they break down food. This was followed by an experiment with bread, breaking it down with acid solution and forcing it through a length of nylon tights, where it came out at the other end! This certainly made for a fun morning.

After taking part in all the varied interactive activities from the colon café to recycling, we finished off once again with Dr Phil, who used heat energy to create sound, explosive frothing liquids and electric flares. The girls were never bored throughout the whole experience, and it is something both staff and girls will never forget.

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