February 2019 – The Heart Of Our Gardens

February is here! As many people are focused on Valentine’s Day, there is a love of our life that needs a keen eye… our gardens. Here are some valuable tips to maintain the heart and soul of your garden, and what makes it special.

  • Moss will start growing on lawns before grass will, so now is the time to start killing it off with ferrous sulphate.
  • Remove any faded flowers from your winter pansies to prevent them from setting seed. This will encourage a flush of new flowers when the weather heats up.
  • The weather can still be chilly this month, so hang fat balls and keep bird feeders topped up to attract birds, who will in turn eat pests in your garden.
  • If you garden on heavy clay soil but want to make an early start, build raised beds before the growing season arrives. The soil will warm up faster and raised beds drain faster too.
  • Order your seeds and plug plants online now. Having a garden plan organised will help you decide the amounts you need.
  • Lift and split snowdrops still ‘in the green’ if you want to move them or if you’re creating more plants.

What’s the Heart of your Garden?

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