Heritage Day at St Nicolas Church

Looking back and looking forward by Mike Roberts

In this time of expecting the future to produce something even more exciting, such as the latest version of the mobile phone or a planned visit once again to the moon (and back), the Heritage of centuries past is equally revealing and exciting, when a little known fact comes to light about you and me and the forebears that make up our own family.

Well, that opportunity arose at the recent Heritage Day in and around St Nicolas Church in Cranleigh. Records stretching back to the second part of the 1500s were borrowed from the Surrey History Centre. One of the visitors to the exhibition actually found a marriage record of one of his family circa 1567. Others came across pictures and records of their family, in some cases within their living memory –‘that’s my great grandad’ – could be heard from some quarters of the exhibition.

A guided tour around the Churchyard led by Michael Miller and several visits to the ringing chamber in the tower were enjoyed by those climbing all those steps.

Equally important, was the raising of awareness that our heritage needs to be protected, so that what we have enjoyed for ourselves can be enjoyed by the generation to come. Even today, remember that when you walk through the churchyard from time to time, you are surrounded by the witnesses of times past.

Thank you to all those who supported this special occasion.

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