July 2020 – Using your Garden Gut!

July means the middle of summer and a new rich colour palette, as dahlias, agapanthus and cosmos come into bloom. You’ll need to deadhead and feed blooming plants, trim straggly specimens and keep an eye out for unwanted pests.

Why not try some of these tips to bring the sun into your garden:

  • Summer can create out a few surprises, make sure tall plants and climbers are well maintained in case of bad weather.
  • Water at dusk to lessen evaporation and use mulch to retain moisture around plants.
  • Terracotta pots are susceptible to evaporation so dampen the pot down to keep roots inside cool and damp.
  • Consistently deadhead bedding and perennial plants to promote new blooms for as long as possible.
  • Cutting back plants in hanging baskets can nurture new flowers and greenery and will restore the display. Make sure you that feed your baskets well after doing this.
  • Keep an eye out for clematis wilt. Symptoms are wilting leaves and black discolouration on the leaves and stems. Remove all affected parts and dispose of it in your household waste.
  • In the greenhouse, damp down your greenhouse on warm days to heighten humidity and prevent red spider mites.

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