Little Manor Service Station – The Great Re-brand

Little Manor Service Station is being re-launched with the offer of SHELL V-Power branded fuels AA. In last month’s Cranleigh Magazine we gave you a taste of things to come and we are now pleased to add a bit more information about the exciting offers we can make as an Independent Shell dealer.

Firstly, our pricing policies will remain the same, aiming to offer you competitive pricing on Shell’s premium V-Power fuels with their market-leading engine optimisation and performance. Shell Helix oils mirror the commitment to development and performance of the fuels and will also be ready to buy from day 1. Shell’s premium branded oils will however, continue to be supplemented by our existing range of budget-priced oils from Comma.

The Shell Go+ loyalty card will be ready for use too. This offers discounts on fuels, Rijo42 and Tunki coffees, Helix oils, and our brand-new car wash. If you download the Shell Go+ app from your App Store, not only do you get the discounts in the shop but, when it’s tipping down with rain and you want to stay dry, using the Shell Go+ app, you can even pay at the pump from the warmth of your driving seat. In addition, and unique to the Shell GO+ scheme, is the option to drive ‘Carbon Neutral’.

Simply ‘opt-in’ through the Shell Go+ programme and you can start offsetting your driving carbon emissions. With each Go+ qualifying fuel transaction Shell buys carbon credits, investing in the creation or redevelopment of natural ecosystems such as, forests, grasslands and wetlands to help absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

At Little Manor we have always prided ourselves in customer service, in particular, going the extra mile for our disabled customers with personal service. As part of our quest for improved service we have taken our offer to our disabled customers a stage further with a dedicated App. Using your smartphone you can check staff availability before arrival, let us know when you’re here, and even pay at the pump without leaving your car. Next time you’re visiting, please ask a staff member for details.

The other exciting development is the installation of an all-new car wash. Using the latest technology in washing, polishing, and drying, the new system will give better cleaning results, particularly in the hard to get places. The new system also gives an improved, higher-gloss, more durable polish using the latest nano-particle technology, and even improved drying with some clever contour tracking dryers. Your car will appreciate the attention to detail, not only having pressure washing the underside available, but its wheels and sills pressure washed too.

All these exciting developments couldn’t go unmarked.

So, for the weekend of 12 and 13 December we will be hosting a special fundraising event supporting the Cranleigh Lions and the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Charity. The event will also commemorate the contribution made to the local community by Lion, Brian Burt, who sadly passed away recently (see page 54). The lead event will be a carwash drive with all proceeds going towards the fund and other events hosted by Little Manor and Cranleigh Lions.

We look forward to seeing you on the day or very soon.

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