Lockdown, Love & Affection

The theme of this month’s magazine is focussed on Easter. Now I could do the usual article about not giving your dog chocolate, making sure all your Easter Eggs and Daffodils are away from your dog’s reach but I thought I would look at something different this year.

During the lockdown many people have decided to get a dog or puppy. And apart from all the challenges that trainers and owners have had most people are happy with their choice. Training classes have gone online (I just can’t train without being hands on) and it’s only now that the regulations are being relaxed that things are starting to get back to normal. In fact, I’m starting my social sessions at Cranleigh Showground in April so if you want to reserve a place, please visit my website www.rewardsdogtraining.co.uk and sign up to the newsletter.

But why, during this pandemic have so many people got new pets? I think it’s down to a need to have emotional support. Pets are able to give us unconditional love and affection all the time. They don’t care that you are wearing an office shirt over your pyjama bottoms to do a zoom call.

They are happy to spend time sitting on your feet while you write a report. And they are always happy to see you. There is the element of exercise too. Particularly for dog owners. Having to go out and walk your dog or spend time in the garden is good for us as well as them. We are beginning to see life differently and a walk with our dogs helps us to take notice of our surroundings which is good for our souls. I have been able to wave to neighbours and people just because of my dogs. If I hadn’t had them around, I would have probably stayed indoors for most of the lockdown.

So, this Easter, treat your dogs to something nice. And tell them you love them. Because they are there as your emotional and spiritual guide. Your connection with the natural world. When all things look bleak your dog will lead you with hope and light ahead.

Happy Easter from Sara, Edie and Rupert.

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