May 2019 – A Surprise in Store!

Gardening is hardly a simple practice, it takes skills, commitment, and a bit of luck to grow flowers and veg. However, while most tips about gardening are quite common, some can be quite bizarre.

Try these gardening points that may surprise you:

  • Lay numerous sheets of newspaper over soil and cover with mulch, this will help keep moisture and suffocate weeds.
  • Keep aphids away from your rosebushes by burying dried/cut up banana peels an inch deep around the bottom of the plant.
  • Mix strips of aluminium foil with mulch and it’ll keep insects away. The foil also reflects light back on the plants, encouraging growth.
  • Ripen end-of-season tomatoes perfectly by wrapping them in a few sheets of newspaper once they’re off the vine.
  • Add wet, shredded paper to your compost, this removes unwanted odour.
  • If you want some butterflies in your garden, place overripe fruits on a raised platform. Be sure they’re above head level.
  • If crows or birds are becoming a problem, hang foil strips on plants to keep them away.  

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