May 2020 – Spring into Bloom!

May is here! The days are getting warmer and longer. Summer is on its way and it’s time to clear up spring plants, plant out summer flowers and get ready for autumn.

Prepare your Garden for Summer with these simple but helpful tips:

  • Remember to open greenhouse vents and doors on hotter days. You can also damp down your green house on warm days to raise humidity and discourage red spider mites.
  • Trim back growing plants such as aubrieta, alyssum and candytuft once they’ve flowered, to promote fresh new growth and more blooms.
  • Thoroughly inspect plants for pests and diseases, early prevention is a lot easier than curing an infestation.
  • In the fruit garden, safeguard strawberries with straw to regulate weeds and lift the berries off the ground and netting to keep birds off the fruit.
  • Water the grass during warm weather, especially important for newly seeded or turfed lawns. Don’t let new lawns dry out.
  • Hang fly traps across your greenhouse to observe levels of whitefly, thrips and other pests.
  • Take time out during Lockdown, to enjoy the garden, now that the warmer weather is here!

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