Memory Lane Update

Memory Lane, a dementia group, at the Cranleigh Arts Centre is growing considerably as it now cares for up to 40 guests each meeting.

The group is very fortunate in having trained volunteers and professional people leading each session. The initial planned session is led by Liz Westaway (a trained Opera Singer) and Ann Beresford (a Musician and Music Therapist). Following a welcome break of tea and cakes, the final session providing both mental ad physical exercise is led by Rosemary Hurtley (an Occupational Therapist).

Having produced a video recently, this is now available and will be followed by a book that Memory Lane has designed to help people experiencing dementia, their carer partners and anyone concerned by those they know and would like to help in some way.

Whilst their partners who are experiencing dementia are being entertained, the Carers will have another speaker with them on the 3rd July. Paul Boyce will be giving details of three new initiatives recently introduced by Care UK.

  • Relaxed Cinema
  • Sunflower Café
  • Reminiscence Club

This is all freely provided for the benefit of both the people experiencing dementia and their carers.

The July meetings of Memory Lane will be at 2.15pm on Monday the 3rd & 17th July in Cranleigh Arts Centre where everyone is made welcome by the trained caring team of volunteers. For any further information please just telephone or email:
01483 274398

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