Open Garden in Aid of Motor Neurone Disease Research

A Message From Mary

Thank you so much for your support in publicising our Open Garden earlier last month in aid of research into finding a cure for Motor Neurone Disease, and supporting those who have it.

I am happy to announce that we raised an amazing £2065, a record amount for us, and this under the shadow of COVID.

Medical research seldom results in dramatic breakthroughs. Even when there is one, it is the result of years of painstaking experiment, small steps forward, acquiring understanding of biological processes which most of us couldn’t understand even if we tried. This takes money.

Someday we will have made ‘Motor Neurone Disease’ a phrase for the history books, like ‘Bubonic Plague’. And when that has happened, it will be because of the efforts of thousands of ordinary people to support our researchers who are slowly closing in on this dreadful disease. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this cause, and to those of you who helped publicise it.

Mary Hainline
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