Paris in Cranleigh?

Margery came to Cranleigh, to enjoy the peaceful and friendly atmosphere of our beloved village, 22 years ago, following her husband’s death. She and her husband had been married for 54 years, having met in 1939 when they both arrived for a dance that had been cancelled. The two started chatting, and the rest is history!


Margery lived through both world wars. She was born during World War One, and then spent the second living in Woolwich. This was quite a place to find oneself during those troubled times. Being so close to the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich was the unfortunate site of many bombings during the Blitz. Margery, however, survived the War unscathed, and went on to become both a mother and a prolific volunteer.
Margery conducted voluntary work for 35 years, including at Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral. She was awarded a service medal for her stellar contribution to charitable voluntary work over the years.


Her husband also came to help her in voluntary work in later years, after retiring from his career at the Department for Education and Sciences, for which he earned a British Empire Medal. The medal is given for outstanding civil or military service worthy of recognition by the Crown. Not bad for a gentleman who began his working career as a bus conductor!
Margery has worked tirelessly for others throughout her life, most recently in the hospital charity shop on Cranleigh High Street. She only gave up this role two years ago, at the sprightly young age of 98!
Aside from her esteemed legacy as a long-serving volunteer, Margery has one son, three grandchildren and six great grandchildren. She currently resides at Moat Lodge Retirement Home.

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