Ivy Mitchell – She-Wolf

Ivy Mitchell is a post – 16 pupil at New Barn School – a specialist provision for children with high-functioning autism. Ivy wants to become a writer or perhaps work in a library or in retail. Ivy writes short stories and novels and this is one of her shorter pieces of fiction.

It seemed like only yesterday that Caroline was bitten by that large, black wolf. She remembered its blood red eyes, burning into her soul, ready for the attack. She had tried to fend it off, but the wolf was too strong, and it bit her on her right shoulder, and ran off into the night, howling.

From that bite, Caroline had the curse passed onto her, and on her first night, she was forced to watch herself change, change into the beast she always kept hidden.

Caroline locked herself in the bedroom of her flat and watched the full moon rise over the skyscrapers into her view. Yes, her transformation was painful, but she was now at a stage where she…enjoyed it. The full moon rose over that tall office block; Caroline felt pressure build in her spine, and she dropped to the carpeted floor.

Her body convulsed deeply, twisting her limbs while she screamed, half in enjoyment, half in pain. Caroline felt her non-visible muscle build up inside of her, and her growing muscles tore her plain white t-shirt and her burgundy leggings clean off of her body, leaving tattered rags on the floor.

An aching pain grew in Caroline’s teeth, telling her that they were lengthening and sharpening into fangs, and her nose and jaw expanded into a wolf’s muzzle. Dark brown fur grew all over Caroline’s body, and her short, bitten fingernails dropped off her fingers, sharp, black claws growing in their place.

Caroline could feel a rising pain in her tailbone, and she immediately knew that it was extending into a tail. Her ears burned, forming into points, and her feet stretched into paws, the bones cracking all the while. Her eyes itched, and Caroline knew that they were changing from their normal slate grey to a bright amber.

The pain slowly faded away, and Caroline stayed knelt on the floor, heaving, her eyes closed. After a few seconds, she opened them, and tossed her head back and uttered a long, angry howl.

Caroline took a few steps back, then bolted towards the closed window and jumped, shattering the window. She nimbly landed onto the quiet, empty pavement below, and sped into the night, ready to hunt.

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