Started in 1170 and still going strong!

Whilst it all started in 1170, what we have today is the benefit of the commitment and dedication of many thousands of people across the centuries to give us a heritage asset and place for the village of Cranleigh to call its own.

This year’s appeal for help will be on Thursday 7th June and Saturday 9th June.

So what of last year?
Of course, across the centuries regular attention to the condition of the structure of the building has been required. Last year the section of the roof covered with Horsham Stone has been repaired as well as some of the large stones (quoins) on one corner of the tower.

Also taken place is the removal of the former Lych Gate step up from the pavement so that safe access is improved together with stabilising work to strengthen the structure. All this as a result of your support for this unique heritage asset in Cranleigh visited by many during the year.

Next on the repair agenda!
How about sponsoring a Quoin which is one of several corner stones that are structurally important and take the brunt of the weather? Replacing these will pass on this precious heritage to the generations to come. Depending on size and with fitting these cost £450.

How about sharing the cost of one in a family or even a local business?
Just contact the church office on 01483 273620 who will be pleased to hear from you and provide simple detail of how you can help with this restoration work. Of course, do have a look around whenever you like. There are printed guides available as well as a children’s trail with questions and an answer sheet for the adults – but don’t tell the children.

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