Strategic Planning For Your Home

We all seem to have too much on our plates, these days, and there’s never enough hours in the day. But with a little strategic organisation keeping your home running smoothly can be achieved relatively easily.

Meals – Sit down once a week and plan your meals. Not only will you know what you’re making for dinner each night but you’ll also know what to put on your weekly shopping list so you won’t be popping to the shop multiple times, which means spending more time and inevitably money at the supermarket.

Store Cupboard – Having a store cupboard helps reduce the trips out shops too. Whether it’s spare toilet roll, tins of tomatoes or breakfast cereal having a full store cupboard will improve the efficiency of your home.

Housework – Make a dedicated time for cleaning your home and don’t let anything get in your way! A clean and tidy home works so much more efficiently.

IT – Don’t keep emails in your Inbox! Either file them straight away, if they do not need actioning or place them into an Action File, if you need to deal with them later. That way you know exactly where emails are that need attention and you won’t have a huge inbox to navigate. Delete junk mail straight away but most of all unsubscribe from the spam that fills your inbox every day! Stay subscribed only those sites that are really mean something to you.

Laundry – Full loads only! So much more efficient use of your time. Plus washing only one or two items at a time won’t actually clean them very well. Laundry detergents can only do so much. It’s the friction between the clothes in the machine that helps the washing process work more effectively. And of course full loads are much more environmentally friendly.

Gardening – Though you may not be a lover of gardening you’ll be making work for yourself by procrastinating over the weeding or cutting the lawn. A little bit of time on a regular basis will make what seems like a chore into a manageable task. Particularly relevant at the moment. With the amount of rain we’ve had once the sun does decide to shine the weeds and lawn are going to rocket up!  

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