Tips to keep your Home in Tip-Top shape

If you lead a busy life, you know the drill. You begin the week with a clean and tidy house. By the middle of the week, however, you realise that you haven’t put away your dry-cleaning or folded the laundry. Do yourself a favour, check out these interesting cleaning tips so you don’t use precious weekend hours tidying up. We assure you it’s faster than you think.

Make the bed as soon as you get up: Doing this right away will jump-start your productivity levels and make it that tougher to crawl back into bed.

Wipe your bedside table each morning: Keep wipes by your bedside, and give your bedside table a wipe when picking up your phone in the morning. One less task to do in the weekend.

In the evening, immediately rehang items you wore: Don’t throw clothes on a chair if they can be worn again before you do the washing, hang them up. Keep dry, clean and ready items in a separate part of your closet.

Start a wash cycle as soon as you get home: If you have enough washing, begin a wash cycle first thing after work so you have time to dry and fold. Don’t let unfolded washing make it to your bedroom.

Spray your shower with cleaner after each shower: Give your shower a quick clean each day by spraying it with cleaner, wiping surfaces, and letting it rinse out.

Hang towels on bars: Your towels need to completely dry in order to be able to reuse them 2-3 times. Make sure they are hung to dry properly.

Clear your counter-tops of clutter: Make sure to clear out and put away each product that was used to get ready in the morning.

Clean your toilet during your nighttime routine: The time you need to brush your teeth and wash your face is most likely the exact amount time you need to let an average toilet cleaner product work before giving it a quick scrub. Doing this every other day will keep your bathroom neat in between deep cleans.

When you notice a spill, clean it right away: It’s better to spot small spills in broad daylight, so check out your counter-tops and floors in the morning.

Fill and start the dishwasher at night: Don’t leave it until the morning, no matter how tempting it is to just lie down in front of your favourite show.

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