Stunning Health Facts!

With common studies on health and fitness, it can be tough to keep up with all of the information available out there. Some of the findings seem to repeat the same health advice that’s been around for ages, but others are a little more shocking. Take a look at some of these health facts that may surprise you.

Drinking coffee prevents depression: We hear often enough about the negative effects caffeine can bestow on our health, but caffeine has its good points too. A study that took place in the Harvard School of Public Health found out that women who drink at least 4 cups of coffee each day can lower the risk of depression by 20%.

Chewing gum makes you more alert: If you suffer from a mid-afternoon slump or can’t concentrate in the morning, then why not try chewing gum to make you feel awake. Coventry University researchers learnt that chewing mint flavoured gum massively reduces feelings of tiredness. A secondary study found that gum can improve overall test scores and improve memory by 35%, relieve stress and decrease anxiety levels.

ATM machines and public toilets are just as dirty: Withdrawing cash from an ATM machine is something many of us do often, but how many of us give our hands a clean after using them? Cleanliness tests carried out in the UK found that ATM machines were just as dirty as our public toilets. Specialists investigated swabs taken from both the cash machine keyboards and from public toilets nearby and found samples from both had the same bacteria known to lead to illness.

If you’re optimistic, it can help you live longer: Based on a study from the Duke University Medical Centre, heart patients who reacted more optimistically about their treatment, lived significantly longer than those who were more pessimistic in their minds. Secondly, according to findings of a study in the European Heart Journal, people who are optimistic have a reduced chance of suffering from heart disease.

Smell an apple to prevent claustrophobia: An apple a day can do a lot more than just keep the doctor away, it can also aid with reducing claustrophobia. According to studies, smelling a green apple will relieve stress associated with confined spaces. Smelling a green apple also decreases the effect of headaches and migraines.

If you’re tired…exercise: After a tough day at work, going to the gym must be the last thing on your mind, but research has found that exercising actually gives you more energy. A study found that fatigue and depression levels lowered after a 30-minute session of exercise. This is due to exercise improving your cardiovascular health, allowing more blood and oxygen to flow around the body, giving you more energy.

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