“We are Special Sisters” – Meet Isabelle and Siena

Isabelle and Siena are 2 very special sisters. Isabelle is 8 years old whilst Siena is just 2. They both suffer from severe epilepsy that is caused by an, as of yet, undiagnosed condition.

The girls desperately need funds to get them to a specialist clinic located in America, specialising in the treatment of children with drug resistant epilepsy. Whilst this is the main goal, both little girls need consistent therapy to fight against their developmental delay and to help them reach their maximum potential. Some of these therapies include physiotherapy, language therapy, and hydrotherapy.

At the time of writing, Siena is going through a rough patch in St. George’s hospital, and still has lots of challenges to overcome before she can come home to her family. Having seen Siena’s struggle, Simon Casse has signed up for a 100km marathon across sloping countryside, starting at London and finishing in Brighton. Simon will be starting this marathon on the 28th May. His goal for this feat is 15 hours.

He has already begun his training for this difficult challenge, spurred on by Siena’s need. Simon would love to reach his target, so please sponsor him if you can. Just go to https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/simon-casse

Alternatively, there are official Special Sister Collection boxes in Handyman’s Hardware on the Cranleigh High Street, and in Bricks restaurant and Memories Collectables at Smithbrook Kilns.

If you happen to be one of the celebrities of Surrey, perhaps you might consider leaving a message on the special sister’s Facebook page for the girls.

Thank you, on behalf of Isabelle and Siena.

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