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Mike Ellis, is no stranger to helping organisations; he has been a Rotarian for many years and abides by their motto “service above self”, so when asked to take up another volunteering role he didn’t hesitate! Mike will be helping to raise awareness and win resourcing to support the work of the charity in Surrey and beyond.

The Virtual Doctors look to empower overworked and under-resourced clinical officers at health centres in Zambia – which are located in some of the poorest communities in the world – using a combination of cutting – edge mobile technology and in collaboration with qualified volunteer doctors in the UK. Huw Jones, Virtual Doctor’s Executive Director says “Mike will be a great ambassador for Virtual Doctors. The saying really is true that “if you want to get things done then ask a busy person”. Mike adds “This organisation really captures my imagination. It is such a simple concept that will be very effective and I am looking forward to helping where I can. I spent my working life in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology arena and got involved because it is a health related charity that has my full support.’’ Mike’s first challenge was to help spread the word about the crowdfunding campaign that the charity ran during December which aimed to raise funds to roll the service out to new health centres in Zambia. Mike added, “It’s not too late to consider making a donation to help us develop our services more widely. Just look at the www. virtualdoctors.org website and click on the donate button. You will be making a big difference.

About Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis is retired. He spent his working life in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology arena working in the area of cancer care and new product development. He worked with the industries and regulatory authorities in Europe, the USA and Japan. Mike became a Rotarian in 1997 and performed a host of roles including President of Guildford Rotary Club. He remains a member of the Rotary Club of Great Britain and continues to work tirelessly for the causes he supports.

About Virtual Doctors

Virtual Doctors is a UK-based charity (reg no 1129924) that helps rural health workers in Africa to connect to doctors and medical specialists in the UK who respond with diagnosis and treatment advice, helping to save lives. By providing sophisticated yet easy to use telemedicine software and state of the art technology the charity has three clear aims:

  • to help reduce unnecessary mortality and morbidity by allowing rural health workers to treat more patients on-site.
  • to reduce unnecessary referrals to distant and hard-to-reach hospitals.
  • to improve the skills and knowledge of rural health workers.

The Virtual Doctors relies 100% on charitable donations to support its work.

Contact: Huw Jones on 07981 720041
www.virtualdoctors.org Twitter: VirtualDocProj




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