Book Review – Keep Moving – Dick Van Dyke

‘Dick’s positive outlook is a revitalising tonic for anyone who needs to know that life should be lived.’ – Waterstones

‘When people ask what’s my secret to staying youthful at an age when getting up and down from your chair on your own is an achievement, you know what I tell them? Keep moving.’

Show-business legend Dick Van Dyke is living proof that life will get better the longer you live it. Who better to offer advice and humour than someone who’s beginning his ninth decade with a bounce in his step?

Van Dyke isn’t all just song-and-dance, his uncontainable belief in embracing every minute and releasing his inner child has proved to be the ultimate potion of youth. When he was injured during the production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, his doctor notified him he’d be using a walker within seven years, but Dick performed a soft shoe right there and never looked back.

In Keep Moving, Dick shows his very own narratives, as well as thoughts from his brother, actor Jerry Van Dyke, his friend and architect of The Dick Van Dyke Show, Carl Reiner and other energetic friends and family. Whether he’s recounting the enjoyment he receives in his routine visit to the shops, how he met his late-in-life-love Arlene or how he bounced back, livelier than ever, from a near-death experience.

You never have to act your age. You don’t even have to feel it. If it does at any point attempt to knock its way into your life, you don’t have to listen to it. There is no true way to behave.

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