Changes Ahead!

Another month heralding a change of season. When change takes place it can be immediate or gradual, over a phase of time. As we gradually emerge from the dark period of Lockdown, the world is experiencing huge change. We’re emerging from the safety of homelife to work and live alongside one another again. As a caterpillar develops in its chrysalis into a butterfly, let’s work together to transform the world into something beautiful and lasting.

People spend a great deal of time and energy trying to avoid change, but on many occasions it is inevitable. History demonstrates how our society has changed through the centuries.

Learning to cope with change in circumstances can improve relationships with family, friends and our environment. The ability to cope builds our resilience. At times in our lives we must exercise this and practice new ways of thinking and living. Our resilience will help us adapt to new siuations and unexpected events that may lie ahead.

COVID-19 has tested us all, All change ahead!

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