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The purpose of the club

The main purpose of the Cranleigh Probus A Club is the same as for all Probus clubs in the United Kingdom and overseas, which is socialising by compatible retired business and professional persons. The prime means of achieving the objective is to meet monthly for lunch.

Probus in Cranleigh

In 1973 Cranleigh was one of the first UK communities to form a Probus club, which is the one now named Probus A. Today Cranleigh has two thriving Probus clubs, A and B, owing to the high demand in the community. There is a third local club in Bramley. Member numbers are limited to around 60, to be easily accommodated in suitable venues and also for ease of fellowship and communication at relaxed monthly lunches. The clubs are managed by committees annually selected by the members.

Probus clubs also hold ladies lunches when members are accompanied by their partners. Probus “A” members enjoy three ladies lunches per year including one at Christmas.

Additional socialising opportunities are enjoyed by Probus members and their families, which are organised in conjunction with the other local Probus clubs. These can include outings to theatres, art exhibitions, viewing of heritage sites, visiting famous country houses, carol services, as well as suitable sporting activities such as skittles and boules. There is also a successful combined Probus clubs golf team.

Probus A club meets for the monthly lunches at the Cranleigh Golf and Country Club on Barhatch Lane, Cranleigh, GU6 7NG, on the second Tuesday of EVERY month. The excellent lunch is reasonably priced at this truly attractive local venue.

The initial joining fee and also the annual fee are modest. All members receive a club tie on joining. Probus A has room for a few more members. For information on joining the club please contact: David Ingham, Probus A secretary, at: . Phone: 01483 548488

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