Cranleigh Village Care Volunteer Transport Service

I have been a grateful user of the Cranleigh Village Care Volunteer Transport Service for several years and have found it a wonderful organisation with extremely kind and reliable drivers. I used it for Hospital appointments and the drivers would wheel me into the Hospital to the Department I needed and wait with me, and then take me home. This means they were also available to get me to the Prescription or Xray Departments should this be necessary. It was a door-to-door service. We would pay a suggested contribution towards the service. It helped our caring families too by giving us some independence.

I am very lost now that this service is no longer available. A taxi can only be booked for the outward journey as the departure time is unknown. I am deposited at the front entrance of the Hospital and then need a porter. On the last occasion I visited the Hospital I waited an hour and a half for a porter, making me late for my appointment. At the end of the consultation it took 30 minutes for the porter to arrive and then I had to try and get a taxi home.

Please is there someone who could organise this much appreciated service? It would be marvellous if other volunteers could offer their time as drivers too. ‘Ewcare’ advertise in the Cranleigh Magazine but they apparently only serve Ewhurst Residents. Wonersh and Merrow also offer services, but just to their own areas, which is understandable. I am sure Ewcare volunteers would offer advice on setting up a scheme should this be helpful.

A Cranleigh Resident

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