Exhibition: Saints, Dragons & Other Creatures

Students from St. Josephs Specialist School & College Cranleigh and their current Artist in Residence: Louise Grundy, will be exhibiting art and sculpture at Cranleigh Arts Centre between 3th-14th July.

Louise is a local artist who specialises in paper mache and sculptures of heads based on family history. She has worked alongside of the students who have been influenced by her techniques,whilst still including the things they are passionate about.

It is a fascinating exhibition as it reveals the influence between artist to student but also student to artist.

As part of the Artist in Residence Louise has made sculpture specifically for the school, she created Saint Joseph, Saint George and Saint Patrick for the school Chapel and in her own work made a series of gangsters based on 1920’s Australian’s arrested in Sidney. The students have made Dragons and other creatures.

For further information contact Louise Grundy:

For more about Louise’s fascinating 3d art check out her website: www.ancestryheads.com


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