Fall for Cranleigh

For those of us who live and work in Cranleigh and the surrounding areas, we can probably remember the time when we fell in love with the place.

We live in an area of stunning natural beauty. It could have been a gradual process or an immediate one. Perhaps you were born here and still live in the area? Maybe you have moved away for some reason. Love it or hate it, many people still want to move to Cranleigh.

As the leaves die and fall to ground the scenery changes, just like Cranleigh has over the years. People, businesses, communities die away, change and morph into something new and different!

When the leaves fall, seeds are buried in the ground and lie dormant but will burst forth with new life in the spring or earlier. So let’s take time to recharge now, walk in the woods, kick a few leaves over and get ready for new growth

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