Freedom Cranleigh

Freedom! What does it mean to you and me?
Have you ever stopped to think about it as you live out each day of your life?
Perhaps you feel trapped by your life and circumstances. But relatively speaking we enjoy great freedom in our community today, fought for over the ages by individuals like Martin Luther King, William Wilberforce and Nelson Mandela.

In the last century our courageous armed forces have all fought for that basic freedom that you may take for granted. Let’s hold on to it!

The Definition of freedom
noun free·dom ˈfrē-dəm
• The quality or state of being free
• The absence of necessity, coercion, or
constraint in choice or action
• Liberation from slavery or restraint or from
the power of another: independence
• Boldness of conception or execution
• Unrestricted use <gave him the freedom of
their home>
• A political right

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