Glebelands School Community Science Show

Science Misadventures!

On Thursday 2nd February Glebelands School hosted its latest Community Science Show, Science Misadventures presented by Fran Scott. Fran is an internationally recognised science communicator on shows on the BBC Learning Zone, as well as a number of other shows on CBBC such as Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom. Fran has also won an RTS Award and been nominated for three BAFTAs for her TV shows.

The talk was a journey through Fran’s career in how she became a science demonstrator and how she uses the fundamentals of science and “experimentation”, to design demonstrations suitable for a TV audience. The audience were shown the strength of friction by having a tug of war between themselves and two yellow pages, the wonders of Newtonian fluids and how to make very loud bangs from very small bubbles. Crowd participation was a big part of the show and there was a real buzz from the audience as they were exposed to a number of demonstrations.

Glebelands School prides itself on the promotion of the STEM subjects to our community and students and these events allow them to see the opportunities available through these subjects. Fran’s talk had an underlying theme of how she applies the basic principles of science in lots of diff ways and that science is just about trying to answer questions and that people shouldn’t be put off by it because actually it is a lot of fun!

It was a very enjoyable evening and a great end to a fantastic Community Science Week at Glebelands School. Cranleigh-Magazine-HR-MARCH

Mr Stefan Radwanski
Senior Teacher/Head of Science

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