How to make weight loss easier during a pandemic and how you can sustain it once normal resumes!

Currently we are experiencing incredibly strange and difficult times! However, this does not mean you cannot achieve your fitness goals. Staying fit has become an even bigger part of many people’s lives over the last few weeks. This is because it allows us to do something we can continue despite being in lockdown, whether this be indoors or outdoors.

Yes, the gyms are closed and you may have very limited/no equipment to train with, but that shouldn’t stop you! All you need is a small amount of space. Here are some simple tips for you to follow that WILL help you lose weight.

Circuit training/HIIT
This is a fantastic way of burning a large amount of calories in a short amount of time. Completing circuit training or HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) is intense! This means it is demanding and requires your body to use a lot of energy and effort as you complete each exercise. Combining this with little to no rest between exercises is going to make the demand even higher, therefore your body is going to be working harder for a longer period. Every Wednesday evening at 7pm I offer a FREE LIVE HIIT workout from the comfort of your own home. Just jump onto my livestream on Facebook or Instagram and be prepared to get a sweat on!

Eat plenty of vegetables and protein
Having a high protein intake is beneficial during times such as this, as you may be at home and tempted to snack. Your body finds protein filling and requires more energy to digest, absorb and process nutrients in your food. This is called ‘Thermic Effect of Food’. As a result, by having more protein in your diet, you will feel full for longer, meaning the temptation to snack is reduced and your body is using more calories to process the protein eaten. A win-win situation!

Have a plan you can progress with
Many people use the same program for years! This is a problem as very early on; your body becomes efficient at repeating the same routine, meaning you will use less calories than when you first started your program. Make sure you can progress your plan. This can be managed through time, reps, weight, and the reduction of rest to develop and achieve results.

Be consistent
Results come with consistency. Consistency is key! Once you have consistency, you have a routine and can start achieving results.

‘Calories In’ VS ‘Calories Out’
To lose weight you need to be on a calorie deficit – less calories going in than going out. Find a calorie calculator that works out how many calories you need every day to have a ‘sustainable’ weight loss journey. By using apps such as ‘MyFitnessPal’ or ‘Fat Secret’, you can keep track of your daily calorie intake, which is fundamental to weight loss!

We need to look at these uncertain times as an opportunity to develop a routine that can be sustained and advanced in the short and long term future. This way we can enjoy being fit and healthy! If you have any further questions or would like some exercise guidance, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Matt Squires – 23-Fitness

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