Limiting the toxins in your life and your body

By Penny Lynch

There’s no getting away from it, toxins are all around us.  So how do we limit the toxins that we are exposed to and rid them from our bodies?

  • Whether you buy organic fruit and veg or not, make sure you give everything a good wash before consuming it.
  • Reduce the amount of plastic in your life.  From children’s toys, food storage containers, or the containers that you buy your personal care products in, reduce, reduce, reduce!  Just think before you buy anything “Is there is a plastic free alternative?”
  • When filling up the car be sure to turn away from the nozzle when it is pumping.  If you can smell petrol and diesel vapours you know there are some highly toxic chemicals in the air.
  • Make meals from whole foods, as much as possible, and reduce the processed and ultra processed food in your diet.
  • Keep your home well ventilated.  Even in the depths of winter, open a window or two for 10 minutes every day, allowing fresh clean air to come in.
  • Dust your home regularly.  Dust harbours many toxic chemicals so make sure you use a high quality microfibre cloth to remove it, not a traditional duster or feather duster as they will just push the dust back up into the air.  Weekly is adequate.
  • At the first sign of mould in your property try to rectify the cause.  As well as the usual sneezing, coughing or sore throat symptoms, mould has also been associated with more serious health conditions so the sooner you remove it from your environment the better.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet.  Sugar is processed in your body by the liver, which removes it from the bloodstream.  If you overload your diet with sugar your liver will struggle to cope.
  • Products that you put on your skin should be from natural brands, as much as possible.  When your old one runs out look for a brand that is toxin and plastic free. Puremess ( is a great place to start, along with Zao Makeup (
  • Exercise!  Sweating is the body’s natural way of ridding itself of toxin.  Some sort of movement every day will enable this to happen.
  • Add fermented foods to your diet.  Sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir are all great ways to introduce good bacteria into your gut, and eating these foods improves one of your detoxification pathways.

 And don’t forget to EAT MORE GREENS!  They help to speed up the detox system in your body!

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