Local Children Bury Time Capsule

Ollie Haydon (Landscaper) planting a tree on top of the time capsule with parents and children at Amlets Place

CALA Homes has given the future generations of Cranleigh a glimpse into life in the village in 2018 by inviting children to bury a time capsule.

The children were joined by their families, members of the CALA Homes sales team, and Urban Vista Landscapers, and were tasked with burying the time capsule whilst taking part in a special tree planting event. The event was held as part of National Tree Week, which ran from 24th November to 2nd December.

Included in the time capsule were written pieces the children wrote about themselves, their families as well as drawings and toys. Some more imaginative pieces included a letter full of wishes for their children’s future.

Nicki Dennis, sales and marketing director for CALA Homes (South Home Counties) said: “This has been a fun project for the children to get involved in and a wonderful opportunity for them to make their mark on their own neighbourhood. We wanted to commemorate National Tree Week by planting trees to provide environmental benefits for the development, as well as making it a beautiful place to live, and we thought what better way to include the community in the project than encouraging the local children to bury a time capsule under one of the trees.

“As well as providing housing for future generations, we strive to create a sense of community. It was brilliant to involve the children in this project and the time capsule will give people living at Amlets Place in years to come, an insight into what was happening locally when the development was created. It’s great to have this important piece of the site’s history now buried within its foundations and we can’t wait for it to be discovered in years to come.”

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