Cranleigh Amateur Swimming Club – Hope On The Horizon!

It’s been another tough month for the swimmers at Cranleigh Swimming Club.

As we adapt to the new post-lockdown reality, swimming has still not been possible. Everyone understands the need for caution. And in the grand scheme, it is a small sacrifice to make. But for our swimmers, the intensive routine of training and competitions is a significant part of life. Without it, many are feeling a little lost. August is the month the swimmers would normally be winding down for a well-deserved rest. Instead, they are desperate to get back into the pool.

The glimmer of light is that the government has announced that indoor pools can open from 25th July. We are now waiting to hear about what this means for Cranleigh Leisure Centre. We are hopeful that we will be in the water again soon. To plan for this, the coaches and volunteers at the club have been working hard. Our plan includes a variety of measures to manage the risk and ensure that everyone is safe. The welfare of our swimmers, coaches and their families is the most important thing.

By the next time I write, I hope that the swimmers will have been back in the water. Our club is a community and communities are best when they can be together. We are keen to see our existing swimmers and families and would also like to be open to welcome new members. This is a great club and being a member is a privilege.

In the meantime, we reflect on our good fortune that we remain safe and healthy and we wish you the same.

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