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Our forthcoming Spring Open Meet gala is being held in memory of our dear friend, Mavis Godfrey, who sadly passed away in November.

Our Senior Coach, Pete Baldrey, spoke the following words at Mavis’ funeral:

I think everyone has memories of Mavis that make them smile, probably chuckle or even outright laugh. Around 40 years involved with Cranleigh Swimming Club Mavis was parent to Mark and Lynne, a coach to many youngsters, a grandmother to Ria, an official at hundreds of galas and Swim Meets and a treasured Committee member.

If people far and wide are talking about Cranleigh Swimming Club it isn’t long before Mavis’ name comes up. When discussing competitions, checking rules or even club history you will probably hear: “I wonder if Mavis will know.” Mavis was always positive. Any task was undertaken with diligence and enthusiasm. If the task was down to her everyone knew it would get done no matter the barriers in the way.

Sitting in the spectator gallery at the pool there was always a buzz and plenty of cheer if Mavis was around. On poolside as an official everyone showed appreciation and asked advice which was duly answered in a friendly way. New officials were always reassured and many times I was told “I’m glad Mavis was there.” In my 38 years involved at the club I was never party to Committee Meetings but I am sure the scenario would be the same.

As a mum and grandmother Mavis really cared about the interests of Mark, Lynne and Ria and was always keen to know how they were swimming and what she could do to help them but never forgot the other hundreds of young swimmers that have passed through the club.

Mavis was always keen to learn, despite her experience and knowledge and only this summer she helped out with coaching on a few occasions and on finishing turned to me and beamed; “I really enjoyed that.”
Mavis: you will be sorely missed at Cranleigh Swimming Club but you certainly won’t be forgotten.

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