Why not give Stoolball a try?

Looking for something new and exciting – why not give Stoolball a try? Stoolball you say, what’s that? Let us tell you, Stoolball is an ancient English game which has been played for over 500 years. It is the origin of baseball and perhaps cricket too and is even mentioned in Shakespeare’s ‘The Two Noble Kinsmen’!

A Stoolball team has 11 players, plus a scorer and an umpire. In Cranleigh we have a long and proud tradition of playing Stoolball and our Team competes in the Surrey League. We are a Ladies Team, open to ages 12+, but we don’t want the guys to feel left out, they often help us by umpiring matches, scoring or cheering us on from the boundary!

So you know what you’re signing up for, allow us to explain a little about what is involved. Stoolball is really exciting -a bit like 20:20 Cricket, the batting team field two batsmen who try and score as many runs as possible by hitting the ball into the field and running between two wickets. Additional runs can also be scored by hitting the ball beyond a boundary to score either 4 or 6. Meanwhile, the fielding team endeavour to keep the runs to a minimum and get the batsmen out. They do this by bowling them (hitting the wicket) catching them or the batsmen being run out.

In terms of equipment, we have everything you need, bats, balls, wickets, a great home ground in Cranleigh and a fantastic trainer who has, and continues, to help develop our skills and match play.

As with many sports, lockdown proved challenging and having not been able to play we spent last season regrouping, rebuilding and reorganising. This season, WE ARE BACK. Be part of something really special in Cranleigh, join our team…you won’t regret it. We are really friendly and keen to expand.

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