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 Juliette Small (left) and Sophie Moore with their awards

Although February is known to be the bleakest month, the swimmers are carrying on regardless. We have already seen two rounds of Surrey County Championship galas and some fabulous swims. Super star Sophie Moore took Gold in the 200m breaststroke to become U13 Surrey County Champion! Well done Sophie! Juliette Small bagged 8th position in U15 200m breaststroke – well done Juliette! Other notable swims from Lana Howells Davies, Callum Stevens, Yasmin Hooker, Jack Westerman in the Surrey County Champs at the iconic London Aquatic Centre where the London Olympics was held.

You may be wondering what it takes to achieve this. So I thought I would give a little view on the day in the life of a swimming family…It starts with waking up to the sweet smell of chlorine as towels are draped on every radiator and swimming costumes hang from every door knob tempting the poor puppy to jump up and pull them down!

In my case my girls wake up at 6.30am to get ready for school, they eat egg and bacon muffins and croissants most days as they are hungry from swimming the night before. They leave for school at 7.15am on a good morning and earlier if there are early morning school clubs. At school for the day they see school friends and often have clubs and other fun activities. Then school bus home, to eat a snack at 5pm when they flop through the door and fight off the excited dogs! Homework is fitted in during independent study time at school or when they get home. Then they eat a good dinner and of course dessert, before they go to the next swim training…as soon as they arrive in the changing room the chatter starts…catching up with non-school friends about what is happening in their swim world. Onto poolside for training and a few laughs as they go back to the showers after a few kilometres swim, for more chatter and banter with their friends. Back home to yet another snack, towels and swimsuits to be hung around the house to dry and off to bed to prepare for it to start all over again…the timings may be different for some swimmers, but in the end I am sure it’s a fairly similar day often with other activities such as dance/hockey/netball/running/rowing/karate club added to the mix.

Yasmin Hooker (left) and Lana Howells Davies?

Reflecting on this I realise my girls eat a lot! Constantly hungry with all the swim training! I also realise how good they have become at managing their time. They have to fit in school, eating, homework and other clubs in order to still make training. As they’ve got older the homework and school load increased and they’ve become better accomplished at managing their time to fit it all in. It also helps you focus on achieving goals as the amazing swimmers at the Surrey Champs have done. Even to qualify is an amazing achievement.

So, swimming brings you fitness and friendships…it also helps you learn how to manage your time and your body (eating and drinking) so you can fit it all in, achieve your goals and do it all…Probably with a few donuts along the way!

If you are interested in joining Cranleigh ASC, please come down and see us on a Sunday evening at Cranleigh Leisure Centre from 4.30pm onwards or visit our website We offer two free taster trial sessions, for children wishing to see if they enjoy it.

If you are a local businesses who would like to sponsor our next Open Meet then please contact Paul Stevens of CASC on 07759 661949

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