5 Great Activities for the Family in Surrey!

For busy parents, this time of year is perfect for keeping school-free children occupied. But how can you keep the kids from bouncing off the walls?

The answer, make a plan! Brainstorm ideas for activities to avoid the kids getting stuck indoors in front of a screen. Take advantage of the weather by looking for new activities as much as you can! We’ve provided 5 fun ways to keep your kids occupied, as well as keeping you sane.

1. Visit Leith Hill Tower

When you reach the peak, you’ll feel like your on top of the world at the 2nd highest point in South East England. Take the journey up the 74 steps of the spiral stone stairs with the whole family and take a look through a telescope, you might even see the Wembley Stadium Arch or perhaps the London Eye! Truly a place for all to enjoy the glory of the English countryside!

2. Brooklands Museum

The birthplace of British Motorsport and aviation with events all throughout the year. Brooklands Museum displays a huge variety of exhibits ranging from racing cars, motorcycles and bicycles to an unbeatable collection of Hawker and Vickers/BAC-built aircraft. With upcoming events such as Wings and Wheels and Brooklands Reunions, this exciting Museum is guaranteed to entertain your children all day long!

3. AirHop in Guildford

Remember when bouncing off the wall wasn’t something literal? Well now you can! AirHop brings you closer to the clouds, you will have the chance to experience the exhilaration of flying through the air on on 50 trampolines! It’s brilliant fun for all the family to spend some quality time together. With the potential to burn up to 1000 calories in only 1 hour, AirHop is ideal for you to get you and your kids off the sofa and into the air!

4. Spectrum Leisure Centre

With its large swimming pools, the Spectrum offers plenty for the whole family to get involved with! Spectrum has a complex of 4 pools, Leisure for the youngsters, Competition for both casual and programmed lane swimming, a Diving pool for the adventurous ones and the Teaching pool, which gives parents the chance to introduce their children to swimming away from all the bustle of the previous pools.

5. Hatchlands Park

Spanning over 422 acres, and open 363 days a year, the parkland at Hatchlands is a wonderful spot to enjoy the great outdoors. With great stuff to do each season, why not stop by and enjoy a breath of fresh air. So get your boots on this season, gather up the family (and the dog), and head to Hatchlands for wonderful walking. Find shaded tree-lined paths and picnic benches surrounded by daisies.

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