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I am often asked what I do when meeting new people, and my reply is usually that I am a health detective and that you’re the crime scene! Just like a crime detective looks for clues as to why, when and how a crime was committed I look at a client with health issues in the same way. Why have you got this issue? When did it start? What is driving it today? How do we interrupt the progression of disease?

Some health issues have their roots decades ago in some childhood trauma, others may stem from a bout of food poisoning when travelling overseas. It takes me 90 minutes of questioning plus an extensive questionnaire to discover the history of a client and hidden in their answers are the clues to the problem.

I have been trained to look for those clues and sometimes they hide behind other symptoms. Only when we have worked together for a few weeks do other issues sometimes appear. Having begun with changes in someone’s eating habits we may need to move onto functional testing at a later stage if symptoms don’t improve to the extent that I expect.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said ‘let medicine be your food, and food be your medicine’. That is true from both a healthy point of view and an unhealthy point of view. How many of us self-medicate with food and drink? Chocolate, crisps, biscuits, alcohol, coffee. We reach for these when we are feeling low and when we are celebrating, when we feel that we need a treat or a reward or that we deserve it for some reason! None of us would ever reward ourselves with diabetes or cancer or liver disease and yet our eating habits as a nation are leading us down a destructive path. At this point I must stress that the responsibility for poor health must also be laid at the feet of the big food companies. Labelling is confusing and misleading and poor food choices are driven by price. It’s cheaper to buy poor quality low nutrient food in packets than it is to buy fresh whole food that feeds your body what it needs. Low income families are forced to make less than optimal food choices which I believe should be addressed if the stats of chronic lifestyle diseases are to be lowered.

It is very humbling and a real privilege to work with people who are at the end of themselves and to see a turnaround in their health in a few months. I am passionate about seeing people’s lives turned around and I get so much satisfaction when a client returns to clinic and makes statements like these:

‘Thank you so much Sue, I feel absolutely amazing! For the first time in 10 years I feel normal’.

‘All my bloating has gone and my skin has cleared up. I have more energy and my head is clear!’

‘I’ve lost 12lbs in weight, my belly fat has shifted and my friends tell me that I’m glowing. Thank you Sue’.

“At last I am sleeping properly! Now I don’t dread going to bed every night. Amazing advice, thanks’.

Seeing these reports makes my heart sing! If you’re struggling with bloating, brain fog, anxiety, skin issues, bowel problems, blood sugar issues or anything else then here are some ways that I could help:

1. Complete a dietary health check which involves keeping a 7 day food and mood diary. This is then analysed by myself, with suggestions and recipes given to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

2. Book a personal food shopping experience with me. This is where I accompany someone on their weekly food shop, advising them on how to read ingredient labels, what to look out for and how to make healthy food swaps. I also include some relevant recipes.

3. Purchase a 21 day online clean eating plan with weekly menus, all recipes and shopping lists included plus extra advice and content.

4. Join my 8 week online Detox course including weekly challenges, 4 live group calls with me, recipes, loads of content, further reading and more.

5. Book a 20 minute free discovery call with me and find out whether one to one in depth nutritional consultations over a period of 3 months would help you.

As a former vocal coach and singer my ‘song’ used to be teaching students to sing. Nowadays my ‘song’ is teaching you how to reclaim your health and vitality!  

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