Cranleigh Amateur Swimming Club – A well earned break

August . . . after months of hard training, numerous galas and general excitement, the schools finished and CASC also enjoy a well earned break. Recovery is key to performance to allow the body to rest, muscles to heal and for swimmers the chance to grow! As such CASC takes the month of August off from swim training ready to start work again in September . . . and much excitement awaits us. The competitive season starts early with a team gala early September followed shortly after by a meet in Littlehampton so swimmers can start chasing Surrey County Champ times.

It’s during the summer holidays that we have a chance to reflect on the benefits of swimming for children and adults alike. Not only is it a great form of exercise strengthening your heart, lungs and respiratory system, it’s a social activity where the swimmers make friends. In addition it’s a life skill having benefits all through life . . . many families will have felt those benefits during holidays near the sea or rivers and doing water based activities such as surfing, wind surfing, sailing or even just climbing on giant water floats. In addition, swimmers and parents enjoy the regular discipline of training and enjoy the identity that swimming with a club provides, if not only to keep the screen time down!

We hope that all swimmers, parents and coaches have enjoyed the break and are excited to start the new season.

If you are interested in joining Cranleigh ASC, please come down and see us on a Sunday evening at Cranleigh Leisure Centre from 4.30pm onwards or visit our website

We offer two free taster trial sessions, for children wishing to see if they enjoy it.

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